Tuesday, 9 February 2010

BMW Completes successful year long trial of Electric Mini

The results of the year long BMW lease of all electric mini's is now in.
The BMW group conducted a one year study involving 450 drivers who lease their electric Minis.
The results are the following:

• People found the range of 100 miles to be more than adequate
○ The reported range under real world conditions is between 70 to 100 miles with 45 per cent reporting a range of 100 miles.
○ Drivers typically drove 30 miles round trip on average trips.
○ The average trip of a US driver is 40 miles per day and thus the range is adequate without having to charge away from home. This was validated by the study.

• The electric cars drive as well as conventional cars
○ Drivers reported driving the Mini E as "fun" and especially enjoyed trying to extend the range by the way in which they drove as well as using a single pedal to accelerate and decelerate.
○ Once accustomed to the Brake Energy Regeneration function they enjoyed driving their conventional vehicle less.

• The limited range did not pose any problem.
○ The US recharge needs 4-5 hours and though most people didn't need to recharge once a day because they usually drove far less than the 100 miles, about half of the drivers recharged daily as a matter of routine.
○ Recharging away from home was unnecessary. This indicates that less charging stations would need to be built than initially expected to overcome range phobia of the typical conventional driver since few journeys would be over 100 miles other than long road trips.

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