Thursday, 31 January 2013

Doomers are like Zombies

Doomers are basically zombies because there is an endless supply of them and their brains are already partially eaten because they keep coming up with the tired same old shit over and over again.

There is one post on some scientific site today allegedly debunking the possibility of running our current (and a few years down the line) civilization off of renewable resources.

I won't even bother posting the link because it's a tired reheat of droning doomer arguments but it riles me that such gibberish is given airtime.

The argument basically boils down to this: It’s expensive so don’t do it. What if population grows? The horror: if population grows to infinity then obviously you can’t have infinite growth so nyah.

Recommendations are the same old tired hippy/druid/English teacher bullshit: cut back on growth. Live with what you have today. Keep those who are in grinding poverty still in grinding poverty because if we grow then maybe some small furry creatures might be displaced from their environment.

Here’s my debunk of their debunk: I’m not going to waste my breath taking you seriously. It’s like the unending supply of doomer trolls in the dieoff/peakoil forums repeating the same tired old mantra. It gets tiresome repeating how things actually work. Instead I’m imagining an episode of the Walking Dead where I’m eating a bag of popcorn on the roof with a few cases of ammo shooting the zombie doomers down in the streets who caught the Rage Virus from their cans of MREs from Savinar.

What’s funny to me is that they think that “you can’t grow forever” counts as any kind of valid argument for “don’t try to grow today, tomorrow, the next day and for the next century or more”. It’s also amusing how little grasp they have that the economy *doesn’t* grow in a straight line to-the-stars trajectory: just like China’s blistering growth of the 90s slowed down in the 2000’s and has slowed down further. Also like the way Microsoft grew like blue blazes in the 90s etc etc.

I recommend these doomer idiots read Joseph Schumpeter and get a handle on creative destruction and Kondratieff business cycles. I also recommend they actually do the math to figure out exactly how far away we are from any putative “limits” to growth here on Earth never mind if we used some of the energy we could harness to pull in resources from off-Earth.
No doubt they’d dismiss that as sci-fi, all the while doing so using a globe spanning computer network that has all the current knowledge of mankind accessible from star-trek like communicators (i.e. “cell phones”) from anywhere on Earth. To quote a friend of mine: Sheesh!

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Hanhart Minos said...

I'm definitely not a doomer. I'm very optimistic that the nature will survive our onslaught even if it look really scary right now. Because as the home team, nature bats last.