Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Death by Desertification

Those who like to predict doom from "global warming" typically say that any increase in temperature will inevitably lead to crop failure, massive storms, more powerful storms, sea level rises, drought and desertification.

In fact in the greatest hothouse epoch of all geological time, the Eocene (caused by a superspike in greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide - and possibly a large pulse or many pulses of methan) where the temperature was as much as 20C in the arctic area, mid and high latitude regions were SIGNIFICANTLY wetter than today.

Here's the proof:
"This increased offset could result from suppression of surface-water δ18O values by a tropical, annual moisture balance substantially wetter than that of today. Results from an atmospheric general circulation model support this interpretation and suggest that Eocene low latitudes were extremely wet."

And warm temperatures + wetter weather = greater productivity of plants.

Greater productivity of plants = higher crop yields.

Higher Crop Yields = larger sustainable human population.

So much for the doom from warming theory.

It's *cooling* we need to worry about.

Oops. Please try harder dear climate modeler "scientists". FAIL.

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Jimi said...

Hello mate!
Great post as always
Just wanted you to know that I am still around, I have been unable to comment for a while due an intense exam period :)

Have you noticed that people are once again using high oil prices as an excuse to declare the end of the world? the media seems to forget that what is going on is a result of the sanctions against Iran

Oh and they are also saying the US will go down too due to the prices... wanna bet that once Peak Oil finally does hit the doomers will be too late for the party?