Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rare Earths: Toshiba to the rescue

Just a very quick post today.

Remember the rare earths fiasco?

Well it seems that not even counting the fact that we have the Chinese by the balls because we have all the coal, the Japanese company Toshiba has already sidestepped dependence on the Chinese rare earth strangehold entirely:

They have developed and are in production of a high magnetic field strengh Samarium-Cobalt magnet - both of whom are in good supply from that highly unstable and dangerous part of the world called Australia, thus completely avoiding dependence on dysprosium which currently is almost all produced in China.

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SG said...

The whole "rare earth" crisis is much overblown. It's not that the minerals in question are really that "rare". It's just that China produces them cheaper than anybody else (like everything else). Doomers grasping at straws.