Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Yet more on algae oil : double to triple increased oil yields breakthrough

So it seems there has been yet another breakthrough. Montana State University researchers have discovered that the addition of a cheap common chemical, the oil yield of algae can be doubled and sometimes tripled. That cheap chemical is common baking soda and it needs to be dosed at a particular stage in the lifecycle of the algae. It works on both algae and diatoms.

Interesting. So if that works then we *almost* have feasible yields for this stuff.
That being true, I think we have a reasonable case to say that a viable fuel-substitute for commercial aviation fuel is gradually coming into view.

Oh and this also likely works to increase *food* yields from algae too. One has to ask the question: could the algae be gen-modded to produce *Omega-3* oil instead of diesel?

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SteveMDFP said...

The production of omega-3 fatty acids is already built into algae. People think of fish oil as being the source of this substance. In reality, fish don't make the stuff. It's already in the algae at the base of the marine food chain. Fish consume it, and it builds up in their fatty tissues.

DB said...


Thanks for the update on the omega-3.
Good to know.