Monday, 5 April 2010

Where is JD?

Many people have been asking "where is JD?" or "where is Brewskie?".

The doomers would gleefully answer with "they have accepted that we're doomed and are now hunkering down in their doomstead and manically counting their gold eagles and MRE while calculating how many zombies they can kill per scarce and very valuable round of ammo.

Personally I reckon JD is just bored with the whole peak oil shtick. He has better things to do with his time than argue with fanatics whose real position stems from a belief that modern civilisation is evil and clutch at any available straw to argue that it *must* collapse.

In the case of Brewskie, he's gone back to school and is having fun and is spending his money on beer and pizza rather than saving for a doomstead.

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bc said...

I think I first encountered the concept of PO around 2004, and ever since then have been reading doom "is just around the corner". The guys at TOD are still banging this drum, but with no more persuasive arguments than 6 years ago.

It's impossible for any sane person to keep up with the obsessive nature of the doomers. JD was one of the few to really provide intellectual counter arguments to the doomers, so he certainly earned his spurs.

Hopefully he is out there somewhere enjoying life.